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Miners Starter - basic video card and small UPS for beginners.

AlTechLab Deals:
We accept crypto currency as a payment and partners deals:

1 ETH - Beginners Kit

5 ETH - Miner Pro and Partner

10 ETH or 1BTC and more - Investor

Tokens available soon but now we can accept your request!

We build a large Network for crypto currency miners, projects financing and self support eco system!

UPS with large capacity batteries with a charging systems make your mining process 7/24 without any power problems!
Solar panels is available to connect to UPS charger and we have good and simple decision to do that!
S&H included and it's part of the deal.

Make together out network larger and effective!

Our new models of batteries contain NO unsafe or expensive materials (such as lithium). All components of our energy active materials are very fundamental and safe!
Our focus is to use Carbon and Graphene composites to create fast charging and long running batteries for Energy Storage Systems (ESS), useful for many important applications; Marine, Aviation, Military, Leisure,  etc. 

A novel specific mode of charging using low energy signals, (not standard DC), makes our new FLAT FLEX batteries unique and extremely interesting for miners and producers.

NOTE: WE have the best version of Batteries and UPS for Miners!

Video Card and rugs for advanced miners 
GTX 470 and GTX 970 is available for Miners Pro and Parners