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Batteries Show in Novi, to find a partners, clients, and coop programs 

AlTechLab Deals:
We accept crypto currency as a payment and partners deals: Bitcoins, Ethereum, etc.

Large UPS with special Charging system (GR System) make your power usage next to ZERO and very effective!
Crypto Mining, Grow Lights, private marines and lodge - that is just a part of usage aspect for this technology..
Now we try to finish Production License process for mass production ESS by this technology.
Any proposal or questions about just contact us any time!

Our new models of panels contain NO unsafe or expensive materials (such as lithium). All components of our energy active materials are very fundamental and safe!
Our focus is to use Carbon and Graphene composites to create fast charging and long running panels for Energy Storage Systems (ESS), useful for many important applications; Marine, Aviation, Military, Leisure,  etc. 

Price formula for all of our products is very simple: 1 W = 1$, plus delivery and custom orders upgrade.

Lab activities to obtain advanced Batteries charging technology 
POWER BOX for 500 W with Charging panel by GR Systems
LED Load generate about 30 000 lumens as Grow or Industrial lights
(Day or Worm lights is available)