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POWER BOX (Classic style) - just 99$ (Inverter and charger incl.)

Voltage: 12V Small Battery (moto bike size)
Working time: 3-4 working hours depends the load
Wight: 5lb
Charging time: 30 min by car cable and about 55 min by grid charger
Size:   L=7"; W=6"; H=4"
Output power: about 100W
Inverter (110V) included and easy to connect by power cable socket.

Good for camping, yachting/boating, out off grid area, black out in case you are  out of power time.
Orders you can place here on the WEB.
Production license is available directly or by Davison Co. (

​2 output USB connectors (2.4A) for smartphone, tablets, laptop charging or small LED. Third USB connectors you can use by Inverter

Easy to charge by the Car cable (socket cable inside your car to the socket on the Power Box)
​Easy to use, charge and keep him stand by.
Charger and car cable included. Grid charger can be reconnect to the socket cable in case you stay at home. For outdoor charging you can use socket to socket cable by reconnection.

Lithium-Ion 20V version of POWER BOX (Light version) - just 89$

Voltage of power storage: 20V (Lithium-Ion Battery)
Working time: about 3h depends the load
Wight: 622g with a battery
Size: L=5"; W=3.25"; H=3"
Output power: about 150W (110V build-in inverter)

Charger included for 3 ways of charging mode: by the grid, in parallel with a second battery and as a self support system (this version still under testing). 

SPECIAL OFFER for International Market: If you have your own Inverter/Battery on 12/20V DC to 220V AC, you can place the order just for self charge with a permanent magnets generator inside. The power of the self charger is not so high (small energy device) but it's good enough for 1-2 KW Inverter.

We try to finish  built in charger to the Power Box for the battery maintenance by back loop. This model still under development but the test should be done very soon and Production license is available. 

Very practical model for any type of users (off grid/outdoor areas, camping or black out time). Good to use in mounts area and aerospace projects (drones, cub Sat, military equipment..)

Any proposals for partnership/cooperation and investment you can send by our Contacts (on our WEB front page).

Test of back loop charging process show low amperage for self maintenance of the battery by built-in 110V inverter.
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Test of back loop charging process show low amperage for self maintenance of the battery by built-in 110V inverter.