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e-Drive design, assembly and installation by customer orders, projects and KIT build models

AlTechLab Deals:
We are looking for Investors and Technology Partners and we can accept crypto currency as a payment and partners deals: Bitcoins, Ethereum, etc.

We do KIT's assembly and test drive by customer order for amphibious planes and airboats. Service and Part still available during the project exist on a market.
Our new models of panels contain NO unsafe or expensive materials (such as lithium). All components of our energy active materials are very fundamental and safe!
Our focus is to use Carbon and Graphene composites to create fast charging and long running panels for Energy Storage Systems (ESS), useful for many important applications; Marine, Aviation, Military, Leisure,  etc. 

Lab R&D activities by the orders to obtain an advanced power technology in new projects by demands.
We do Control Panels design and assembly by customer orders. Avionics installation, test and service. Harnesses and connectors for any type of projects: automotive, aviation, marine new crafts, power controls units, etc.