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About AlTechLab
We do the best to find optimal decision for Miners and Crypto currency software developers. Power is critical factor in the process and we try to find the best combination of hardware (back up UPS, the best battery (Energy Storage System) and economical video cards for the processing. 
Using Energy Storage in day time and charge the system in nigh (economical tariff) make a power usage reasonable. Even we offer solar panel specially for miners..! 
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One of version Carbon Battery for long terms UPS  
A123 batteries make a mining secure and und non stop process..
Lab activities to test and study the best circuits for power units and back up support.
Small batteries to DC/AC Inverter under LED load on Test Table for working time check out 
We have a project for carbon fiber (CF) heaters with built in (in situ) to sport/working/arctic jackets, glows, boots, military west, etc.
It's can be done together with FlatFlex batteries! 
We continue our search for more effective carbon materials...

Advanced UPS and good Back up systems it's a base of mining process and are still continue our R&D activities to find economical and practical decision for the process..