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Project Presentation
 Our last project - MEDA Project where we try to convert standard air crafts (sport light experimental models, amphibious type air crafts, air boats models, drones type VTOL vehicle) to Electric/Hybrid models. In this object we have a lot of R&D activities and we try to involve a lot of professionals and young talent people.
Production license - it's our target and next step in our current project - GR Charging systems for long run crafts and systems. This Technology can open a large aspect in new type of Transportation!
If you're looking for creative specialists and fast service, you've come to the right place.
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We offer legitimate engineer counseling in many Alternative Energy projects and our specialists are ready to be there to help  you every step of  your demands.

                                             WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO:

 We are Michigan located private Lab and Design/Assembly company for Alternative Energy projects.
 In our current activities we try to finish new type of charging systems ((GR Systems) for any type of e-drive.
 We try to create larger network of Developers and Investors and we are open for cooperation and partnership!

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We try to integrate our Charging and Back up systems to many projects: Avionics Controls Panels, e-Drive power train, Power saving modules, etc.